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Project 1: Effects of ageing on use of probabilistic task cueing in relation to initiation of hand movement and gait.

PI: Prof. J.Rothwell, University College London

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Project 3: The role of subcomponents of the basal ganglia in the control of locomotion and orienting response.

PI: Prof. Sten Grillner, Karolinska Institute

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Project 5: Virtual reality applications with real-time feedback for defining balance and gait parameters in PD.

PI: Dr. Frans Steenbrink, Motek Medical BV

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Project 7: Development of a conceptual model for PD.

PI: PD Dr. Walter Maetzler, Eberhard Karls University of Tuebingen

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Project 9: Understanding and quantifying gait and balance quality to improve therapy of gait disorders.

PI: Dr. Andreas Koll, Hocoma AG

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Gait and postural control impairments, and falls are ubiquitous among the elderly, and lead to enormous personal, occupational and health care burden. Especially patients with PD are severely affected by the progressive deterioration of these gait and postural control mechanisms. Elucidating mechanisms of age- and disease-related motor control impairments and devising focussed treatment strategies to counteract these symptoms represent major challenges for future research. Moving beyond focuses on the role of supraspinal motor control mechanisms in ageing and PD. It will span the entire spectrum from basic understanding of these mechanisms, over diagnostics to therapeutic applications of supraspinal motor control deficits. The network consists of a rare combination of experts from basic and translational research as well as from the industry. They will cover the entire range of expertise necessary and utilize cutting edge technology to educate students and fellows in the complex problem of the impact of supraspinal motor control mechanisms in ageing and PD. The comprehensive inter-sectoral and multidisciplinary training program will comprise a unique set of state of the art scienitific and soft skill training measures pursing general and individually tailored training approaches. Outreach and dissemination activities form a crucial part of Moving beyond.

Moving Beyond is funded from the European Community‘s Seventh Framework Programme FP7/2012 under grant agreement No. 316639
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